Tip #1 – Bring food.

Food is always first. Always. Not only is a delicious meal a thoughtful way to show her you care, but it’s also incredibly important to her overall health. She is recovering from birth (or adoption, which has unique challenges), possibly breastfeeding and taking care of a tiny human. 

Tip #2 – Pick up and drop off her laundry.

Under normal circumstances, I always suggest that helpful friends and family members (that’s you!) offer to help clean up the new mama’s home (in a non-judgmental way, of course). But during the pandemic, going into someone’s home to clean isn’t ideal. So why not offer to stop by, pick up the laundry and return it the next day clean and folded? What a huge help that would be!

Tip #3 – Walk her dog.

Offer to stop by (occasionally or regularly) to walk the dog! It’s a great way to help that doesn’t require you to set foot inside her home.

Tip #4 – Have a socially distanced, masked, outdoor visit.

To make it as stress-free as possible, pull out all the safety stops:

  • Visit outdoors (a local park is a great option).
  • Stay at least 6 feet apart.
  • Wear masks.
  • Consider leaving the baby home with her partner if she has one.

Even 30 minutes of safe gathering can be incredibly impactful—especially if she trusts that you will follow the guidelines to keep her and her new baby safe.

Tip #5 – Encourage her to pay attention to her mental health.

Experts are concerned that new parents are at an increased risk of experiencing postpartum depression during the pandemic. All of the regular stressors are compounded by the isolation, fear and change that we are living through.

Mental health concerns still have a stigma associated with them–but that needs to change. Don’t be afraid to encourage the new mama in your life to reach out for help if she needs it. 

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