Tip #1 – Encourage.

Whether they are struggling with a relationship, sports, grades, or just friendships, remind them that the world will continue to change and get better.

Tip #2 – Eat together.

Regular family meals are one way to nurture relationships. If a teen is alone at dinner time, bring them a meal and ask them to put their phone down and talk you during it. Even better, make it a weekly thing they can look forward to.

Tip #3 – Spend quality time & give space.

 When possible try to watch movies and listen to music together with your teen. Learn their world, but also respect their need for privacy and time alone as they are used to spending more time with their friends.

Tip #4 – Listen.

While it is completely normal for youth to experience a wide range of emotions during uncertain times, severe or prolonged feelings of depression or sadness may be an opportunity to provide them with additional support. Sometimes just being someone they can vent to makes all of the difference.

Tip #5 -Get help for them.

If a young person you know is experiencing intense worry or sadness about current or future events, and it is disrupting their ability to cope with everyday life, there is support available. Treehouse also offers helpful resources for additional support.

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