Tip #1- Develop a plan.

Often we just feel “off” and we let it affect our day without finding out what it is that made us feel down in the first place. So identify what’s making you feel despondent. Be specific. And once that is done, make a plan. Write out what you can do to turn around your sour mood.

Tip #2 – Associate with winners.

The greatest investment for the worrywart is to find a cell of positive-minded, successful people. How did they get where they are? How do they think? Let the osmosis begin.

Tip #3 –  Speak positive words.

We tend to believe what we say and hear. Our minds literally go in the direction of our words. Of course, we can’t talk ourselves into being taller, but we can have a more positive outlook by noticing the good, anticipating a positive outcome and speaking it out loud, and surrounding ourselves with positive music.

Tip #4 – Laugh anyway.

There is so much to stress over these days—politics, the economy, the ozone layer, the missing button on your favorite shirt. Still, there is a consensus among many medical professionals that laughter is important. To stay upbeat and positive, make laughter a deliberate part of your arsenal against the blues.

Tip #5 – Execute.

This is no time to be passive. Get aggressive. Attack your problems with a vengeance. What right do they have to destroy the pleasure you get out of life? The physical act of execution is a diabolical weapon against whatever ails you and can create a surprising sense of bliss in the midst of the turmoil.

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