Take Action

Sometimes making Minnesota brighter is just a matter of a simple act. Here we have provided a bunch of ideas to help you brainstorm something simple YOU could do to be a light in Minnesota.


Volunteer with Good in the Hood

Join our friends at Good in the hood and volunteer to help sort shoes! NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! This is a fun, group, or individual activity as you work with their team! You are providing shoes for those who may not otherwise be able to purchase quality footwear....

Bike to Work

This week commit to using your bike instead of your car! Whetherit’s a quick trip to your local store, making the journey to work, or just going out for a fun ride each afternoon... you are sure to find good for you and the world you’re in!

Donate Your Wheels

Have some old bicycles lying around in the garage? Give them new life and donate your wheels to a local youth program, homeless shelter, or residential program. Your bikes could “speedup” the journey to new life!

Learn how to distribute Narcan

Our partners at MnTC have shared an important video of how to administer Narcan (the medicine used to help save a life in an opiate drug overdose). Take a moment to watch, save a life, and help others find freedom from addiction! Learn How to Distribute Narcan in...

Learn CPR

Would you know what to do in an emergency? Make it a point to take a CPR class or review your CPR skills online. Stay prepared, and you could save a life!

Thank Your Local EMS Team

This week is EMS week! Thank your local emergency medical team with thank you cards, treats, or an email... and let them know what they mean to you!

Become a Parenting Coach with New Life Family Services

We are in need of volunteer parenting coaches who have experience working with children and/or a background in coaching, teaching, care-taking or counseling others. Applicants for this role need excellent listening and verbal skills along with the ability to emphasize...

Teach your child to be a buddy to someone in school

Ask your child questions about who they notice at school who may need a friend, whether it be a new kid, a boy or girl who gets picked on or someone who just seems lonely. Challenge them to find a way to reach out to this person, whether physically or virtually,...

Have your kid choose toys or books to donate

Challenge your children to choose a few toys or books that they no longer need, or even a toy they really love but could be used by another kid. Take these toys to a hospital, day care center, homeless shelter, or church nursery, so that other kids can enjoy the toys...

Volunteer at Liberty Classical Academy

We invite all Liberty parents to volunteer their time and skills to help our programs and our community. Let us know your interests and availability. We’ll keep you informed about volunteer opportunities that are a good fit. Learn More

Teacher Appreciation Day

It’s teacher appreciation week! Send your child to school with a note or card. Add a special note yourself to let them know how thankful you are for all they do to continue to make sure your child is learning and growing!

Thank Your Child’s Bus Driver

Send your child off on the bus with a small token of appreciation for their very hard-working bus driver. This year has been tough and uncertain for all of us, and bus-drivers have had to adapt. Show them you are thankful for all they have done, this year and every...

Start a Thrivent Action Team

Supporting your community is easy with Thrivent Action Teams. Apply to lead a group in a fundraiser, educational event or service activity. Then, gather a team of volunteers to make an impact together. Thrivent provides a customized kit of resources to get you...

Organize a neighborhood food drive

Find a local organization that is in need of non-perishable food (your city hall may have some ideas). Then put out flyers notifying your neighbors you will be coming by to collect food. On collection day, grab a wagon and start going door to door. It’s a great way...

Welcome a new neighbor with a baked good

80% of moves happen between April and September. That means you are bound to have a new neighbor sometime in the next few months. If you see a “SOLD” sign outside of a house, make note and bring your new neighbor a baked good, a gift card to your favorite local...

Plant a Tree

Today is earth day! Celebrate the wonderful planet we live on by planting a tree. This can be a great activity to involve kids of any age in, and take the time to explain the importance of taking care of our planet.

Take alternate transportation

In honor of Earth Day, coming on Thursday, opt to take an alternative mode of transportation. Walk, bike, or take public transportation to somewhere you need to go instead of taking your car. BONUS: If you opt for public transportation, try to meet someone new and...

Conserve energy by shutting off the lights

This is a super simple way to celebrate our earth, in honor of Earth Day on Thursday. As you leave a room or your house, make sure to shut off all the lights. Making this little extra step a habit can go a long way over time in terms of conservation. We can Let Light...

Volunteer with Grace Hospice

Every day at Grace Hospice, volunteers have a profound impact on the lives of those we serve. Possibilities include: One-on-one visits with patientsAssist with office/administrative work11th Hour volunteersBereavement volunteersOffer spiritual supportPet therapy...

Teach a senior citizen to use a feature on their phone or computer

Know an elderly person in your family, neighborhood or church? Ask them if there’s anything tech-y they’ve been struggling with. Our world has become more and more reliant on technology to stay connected and complete everyday tasks. Taking the time out of your day to...

Adopt a grand friend in your neighborhood

Invite an elderly neighbor on a walk, get to know their story and find ways you can continue to connect with them through shared hobbies, bringing them meals or just inviting them over to chat. People are craving community now more than ever before.

Sew, Knit or Donate to Jack’s Basket

Knitters, Sewers, Quilters – unite! Share with your talented network that we are looking for homemade items such as baby hats, booties, bibs/burp cloths, and blankets or quilts. Collect these items to ship to our office, or encourage your friends to send items they...

Donate art & craft supplies

Have paper, beads, markers, crayons or any other craft supplies that, despite your best intentions, you probably aren’t going to use? Find a local school, homeless shelter or other non-profit that can put these supplies to good use!

Donate old blankets and towels to an animal shelter

It’s that time of year. Many people use spring as a time to purge their closets, homes and garages before summer. If you come across old blankets or towels that you don’t need, bring them to a local animal shelter, where they can use them to create a...

Serve at Union Gospel Mission

As you’re preparing to enjoy an Easter meal with family or friends, take a moment to sign up to serve at Union Gospel Mission. UGM is looking for volunteers to serve meals! Volunteers serve at the Men's Campus located at 435 University Ave. East, St. Paul, MN. You can...

Make an Easter Basket for a Family in Need

Know a family going through tough times —loss of work, isolation due to vulnerability to COVID-19, illness, loss, or something else —take some time to make a thoughtful Easter basket filled with thingsthey would love, an encouraging note and a...

Create a Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

Go on a walk around your neighborhood and hide Easter eggs along the way or drop them on people’s doorsteps. Fill them with pre-packaged candy or an encouraging message.

Volunteer for Healing Haiti

Our belief is that as people choose to serve, the impact of that service will change lives—for those serving, for the people they serve, and even for those who see them giving their time to help someone else. Learn More

Volunteer with Elevate Life

We are so thankful for community members and professionals who offer free consultations, assistance, or other services in their area of expertise  RDMS SpecialistsAttorneysAdoption SpecialistsLife CoachesDoulasInterpretersCertified NFP TeachersMarketing & Web...

Babysit for someone for free

Offer to babysit someone’s kids so they can have a night or day to themselves, without worrying about childcare.

Donate books to your local library

Take inventory of your book collection and see if there are some books you could do without. Take them to your local library, drop them off at a little free library in your neighborhood, or post them for free on Facebook. There’s nothing like a good story to get us...

Volunteer with Camp Cherith

It may still be winter, but it’s never too early to think about volunteering at Camp Cherith this summer. From the Board of Directors, committee work, one-time event/project work, promoting camp at churches and events, praying, to coming up to camp in a one week...

Thank a teacher

Write a note, make a baked good or leave a present for your child’s teacher or any teacher you know who has worked tirelessly this year to make each child’s experience during coronavirus one where they can continue to learn.

Volunteer with Jack’s Basket

Knitters, Sewers, Quilters – unite! Share with your talented network that we are looking for homemade items such as baby hats, booties, bibs/burp cloths, and blankets or quilts. Collect these items to ship to our office, or encourage your friends to send items they...

Offer to drive someone’s kids

Without being asked, offer to drive someone’s kids to a school event, sporting practice or meeting.  Having this little bit of extra time could make a huge difference in their day.

Be present. No phone for a day.

One way you can make a huge difference in the lives of those around you is to just be present. No distractions. Try going an hour, an evening or even a full day without your cell phone. Just be present and available to those physically around you. You may even find a...

Leave a note for a stranger

Write down something encouraging and leave it for a stranger. You could leave it on a car in the parking lot or on the table for your server at a restaurant.

Volunteer with Interfaith Outreach

We have so many ways for you to help in the community. Volunteer as a group in our store, Resale Select, receiving and sorting donations. Group events can happen during store hours, Monday-Saturday. Learn More

Volunteer for Treehouse

2020 was a tough year for teenagers. Whether they are finishing up high school or middle school, there is stress on all fronts. There are so many ways you help at-risk teens; mentors, snacks, and support groups are just a few. Learn More

Scrape off someone else’s car

When you are scraping the snow off your own vehicle, take a minute or two to scrape your neighbor, coworker or family members vehicle too. It could really make their day!

Volunteer with Thrivent Financial & Habitat for Humanity

Help us ensure that everyone has access to decent, safe, and affordable housing. From building a home, attending a worldwide trip, or participating in non-build activities, you can create a meaningful impact on both local and global scales. Learn More

Connect a charity to your Amazon account

Did you know that Amazon will donate .5% of your purchase to a charity of your choice? All you have to do is go to smile.amazon.com and connect it to the charity you’d like to support. For a list of worthy local charities, go to our Partners page.

Round up for charity

Next time you are at the check out and the cashier asks if you would like to donate $1 or round up for charity, say YES. Give cheerfully.

Volunteer with Grace Hospice

Every day at Grace Hospice, volunteers have a profound impact on the lives of those we serve. Possibilities include: One-on-one visits with patientsAssist with office/administrative work11th Hour volunteersBereavement volunteersOffer spiritual supportPet therapy...

Pass out socks and winter gear to homeless people

Put together a little care package with socks, warm winter accessories like a hat or mittens, non-perishable food and a bottle of water. Keep it in your car, and next time you see a person experiencing homelessness, give them the care package.

Leave a secret Santa gift on your neighbor’s doorstep

What better way to spread some Christmas cheer than with a special anonymous gift to someone in your neighborhood. Put the gift on their doorstep, ring the doorbell, and make a dash for it – like ding-dong-ditch, but merrier.

Become a hospice volunteer

We need: Companion, pet therapy or vigil volunteers to provide 1:1 companionship to our patients. You may read, share memories, take walks or just be a presence to a patient and their family during their hospice journey. http://www.gracecaring.org/volunteers/

Give warmth

Find a piece of winter clothing that you didn’t wear last season, and donate it to a charity.

Give life

The easiest and possibly most life-changing thing to volunteer to do is donate blood.

Volunteer with Thrivent

Thrivent Volunteers play an important role by making churches and communities aware of how Thrivent helps Christians find financial clarity. We appreciate those who are interested in raising their hands to receive Thrivent news! Learn More

Praise a local business online

Love your local dry cleaner, coffee shop, mom & pop store? Well what are you waiting for? Tell them! Give them an online review that lets them know how valued they are in the community and that they’re doing a great job.

Volunteer to serve food with Good in the Hood

Happy Thanksgiving! You're probably going to enjoy a wonderful hot meal today. Sign up today to serve those who many not be getting a hot meal today. We serve a hot meal and provide a week's worth of groceries to those facing hunger in our community. Volunteers help...

Double Up

Make a double-batch of something delicious and freezable and give it to an older neighbor who doesn’t cook for him or herself as much anymore.

Have gratitude

Think of at least three things you should be thankful for in your life. Bonus: If one of the things is a person, write them a note or shoot them a text to let them know how thankful you are for them.

Use your gifts to serve others

Healing Haiti’s mission trips offer you the chance to use your gifts to save & change lives. Just a 1 week commitment can help Healing Haiti’s efforts to break the cycle of poverty and strengthen the fabric of the community. Check out how you can be of service. ...

Host Charity Day at Work

Encourage your colleagues and supervisors to bring in non-perishable items to be donated to a worthy cause.

Share Joy

When you answer your phone, do in a cheerful voice to start every conversation off right.

Pack a Shoebox

Next week is National Collection Week for Operation Christmas Child boxes. By serving year-round with Samaritan’s Purse through Operation Christmas Child, you will be a part of proclaiming the Gospel in more than 100 countries around the world. Each shoebox gift can...

Make a lasting difference in someone’s life

Can you answer phones and direct callers? Do you have resume writing skills? Mn Adult & Teen Challenge is looking for volunteers like you! Check out the volunteer opportunities, see where you fit in, and join Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge in serving people...

Share your Stuffies

Collect stuffed animals or toys from family members, friends, and neighbors and donate them to an organization that helps children.

Support Group Facilitator

Invest directly in the lives of teens during Support Group programs. You’ll have the chance to build relationships with teens during large group time and free time. You’ll also be trained to facilitate a smaller support group, creating a safe environment for teens to...

Donate for Life

Add yourself to a bone marrow registry and take part in a bone marrow drive.

Become a coach with MOPS

Our coaches are a vibrant tribe of women making an authentic difference in the lives of MOPS moms and leaders. They help to strengthen and build relationships, listen to new moms and advocate on their behalf. Check it out to see how you can help https://www.mops.org/

Donate your Luggage

Collect duffle bags, overnight bags, and suitcases from friends and donate them to organizations that send them to children in foster care.

Share your parenting skills

New Life Family Services is looking for mentors that can change hearts, save lives, build families and restore hope. Check out the volunteer opportunities to see what fits your schedule. https://nlfs.org/get-involved/volunteer/

Share your knowledge

Teach an elderly person to use a computer to surf the internet or write e-mails. Now more than ever, tech can keep us connected. Let's help others stay connected too!

Be a helper

Sign up for a CPR class. You never know when the opportunity to be a helper will present itself.

Support Jack’s basket

1350 babies, 47 states, 11 countries – that’s the impact of Jack’s Baby, a non-profit organization that educates physicians on how to deliver the diagnosis of Down Syndrome to new & expecting parents. Send an email to info@jacksbasket.org to find out how you can...

Support an expectant mother

If you have special skills to help women and their families facing unplanned or difficult pregnancies – Elevate Life can use your help. Click on the link and volunteer to help Elevate Life offer God’s love, compassionate service & encouragement to moms that need...

Drive Kind

Allow a fellow driver to merge into your lane during your commute

Print out a Ticket of Hope from Union Gospel Mission

Print a ticket of Hope to keep in your car or purse and next time you meet a person who is experiencing homelessness, hand them the ticket knowing you are providing them with a place to stay, food to eat, and help for them to get back on their feet. Print a Ticket

Give your talent

Think of something you do well, and use it to benefit others – for example performing magic tricks at a children’s hospital or playing music at a nursing home.


Set your phone aside and facedown when you are in meetings to show that you’re engaged.

Change a family’s life this Christmas

The Best Christmas Ever Captain is a local leader within their community or is seeking for an opportunity to make a difference. This person brings people & communities together to do good, is energized by unreasonable generosity, and isn’t afraid to put a little...

Have an extra mask

With the statewide mandate, you could help someone you don’t know by having an extra mask handy when they’ve forgotten their own. 

Become a mentor

Be part of Union Gospel Mission's work helping homeless adults regain hope and stability. As a mentor, you'll help provide much-needed support for residents as they obtain their G.E.D., receive job training, and receive help for homelessness and addiction. Learn More

Bring treats to your local dog park

You'll be the favorite person of all the dogs at the park. But don't forget to make sure it's OK with mom/dad before you offer the treat. This can also give you a chance to check in with the dog's "hooman" and ask how their day is going.

Closet organizing that helps families

Volunteer with New Life Family Services. Our Clothing Closet allows clients to earn necessary baby and maternity items. Assistants commit to ensuring that our Clothing Closet is fully stocked with the donations received.Learn More

Join your Church Choir

You don’t have to sing like Chris Tomlin or Yolanda Adams to be in the Church Choir. Talk to your Church Choir Director to see how you can lift your voice in songs of praise. Even if your church has not reintroduced choir due to COVID, express interest now, so that...

Volunteer to serve at a Church service

Many churches are back to in-person services, but most are hurting for volunteers. Roles that were once filled have opened as people have stepped back due to the pandemic. Ask someone at your church where they most need help and fill that role.

Volunteer with Jack’s Basket

1350 babies, 47 states, 11 countries – that’s the impact of Jack’s Baby, a non-profit organization that educates physicians on how to deliver the diagnosis of Down Syndrome to new & expecting parents. Send an email to info@jacksbasket.org to find out how you make...

Ask how you can help

Whether it’s on social media or through a text or call. Offer your assistance through grocery shopping, gardening or lawn care.

Flowers bring joy

Whether you pick them yourself or get them from your local flower shop, now is the time to spread joy to friends and family who have been cooped up for months.

Weed your neighbor’s garden

Gardening is in full swing! You can help out by weeding your neighbor’s garden or gifting fruit/veggies from your own garden.

Help a teen prepare for college or a career

TreeHouse Next offers personalized coaching to help teens create an educational or vocational track for their future. Coaches mentor teens each step of the way—with assistance in applying to college or vocational school, money management and financial aid counseling,...

Reach out to a teen in your life

These last few months have been complicated and emotional for everyone. Reach out to the teens in your life to give them a shoulder to cry on, and an ear to listen.

Make today a complaint-free day

We know you can do it. Ready, set, GO!! Take it a step further. Rather than just no complaints, share a few compliments today or the things you're grateful for.

Volunteer to Translate

Dickerman Food Distribution is in need of volunteers who can translate English to Hmong, Spanish, Karen, and/or Somali. The center at 1753 University Avenue (near Fairview) is very low on supplies. In need of fresh produce, food, canned goods, diapers - especially...

Feed the hungry in South Minneapolis

Drop off Monday through Friday at the Greater Friendship Baptist Church at 2600 East 38th Street in Minneapolis. Drop off begins at 11 a.m. through 3 p.m. Donation requests include: laundry soap, dish soap, bar soap, toilet paper, paper towels diapers, formula, water,...

Thank a teacher

Online learning has been tough for families, students and teachers. Send a shout out on social or just a personal note to all of the teachers who helped our students get through these last few months

Check on your friends

Send a quick text, Snap, or call to let even your most introverted friends know that they matter to you.

Food in the Hood

Serve a hot meal and provide a week's worth of groceries to those facing hunger in our community. Volunteers help unload trucks and set up for the evening's distribution. https://gith.z2systems.com/np/clients/gith/eventList.jsp

Support the Cities

Neighborhoods and small businesses need us to come together to show the full strength of our support. There are events sets up to donate diapers, formula, non-perishable food and your time to distribute.https://www.facebook.com/supportthecities/

Pray for our Cities

The events in Minneapolis and across the nation can feel so big, that it can feel difficult knowing where or how to start helping. No matter who you are, or where you are today... we can each stop, take a deep breath, and pray. Together we can... Pray for justice.Pray...

NEED: Good in the Hood Foodshelf-in-a-Box

Feeding the hungry is one of our primary objectives. Sadly, however, many families in need are unable to attend a regular food shelf program due to a lack of transportation and/or an inability to find daycare for their children.  Our Foodshelf-In-A-Box offers a...

Thank those working when running essential errands

Make it a point next time you are at the grocery store or out on another essential errand, to smile and sincerely thank those who are working. What a blessing it is to have people out on the front lines every day risking their health and their family’s health to make...

Give a May Day Basket

Fill up your actual cart or digital shopping cart with treats and other spring-y items and ship it or bring it to a friend or family who could use a day-brightener. Some May Day Basket Ideas: flowers, chocolates, bubbles for the kids, sidewalk chalk, candy, snacks,...

Send dinner to a family in need

Do you know a family who is going through an extra hard time right now? Maybe they have experienced loss, are isolating due to a family member contracting COVID, or are essential workers and remaining super busy during this time. Send them some dinner, either through...

Write a note of encouragement to someone experiencing loss

During these challenging times, so many are experiencing loss. Loss of jobs, loss of loved ones, loss of a wedding, loss of a graduation celebration, loss of the ability to celebrate a newborn baby, just to name a few. Write a note encouraging whoever you know...

Make Inspirational Chalk Drawings

With walks around the neighborhood becoming a daily routine for many families, make your neighborhood’s walks a little brighter with some sidewalk chalk drawings. Write inspirational messages or just add some color to the world. 

Sew Reusable Masks

Even after the world reopens and stay-at-home orders lift, it seems as though masks are going to be in high demand for some time. Organizations like Mn Adult & Teen Challenge and Union Gospel Mission NEED masks in order to protect their staff, volunteers and...

Start a digital book club or Bible study

Find those who are isolated and build a community for them. Discuss a book of the Bible or a fiction book to take everyone’s mind off of their current situation for a moment. 

Bring a trash bag on your next walk

Next time you are out walking your neighborhood to get out of the house for a minute, bring a trash bag with you. Clean up the sidewalks of any trash or debris you see. Make the world a little bit cleaner place.

Buy flowers locally

It’s springtime, but some currently aren’t able to be out enjoying it. Brighten up their home by sending flowers from a local florist. This way, you are sharing light with someone who is stuck inside AND supporting a local business that may be struggling during these...

Host Virtual Game Night

There are many ways to do a virtual game night with friends or family who are quarantined. Whether you play via an app or through a video call, a little friendly competition can brighten anyone’s day.  Let light win, no matter the distance. 

Send Snail Mail

With each of us spending time at home, getting the mail can be a highlight of the day. Send a special card to brighten someone’s day. Have kids at home? Let them channel their inner artist and color a picture to send to a loved one! Let light win, no matter the...

Create a care package for an “essential” worker

While many of us are staying home, there are grocery store clerks, childcare workers, and health care employees that continue to show up! Looking for a way to #LetLightWin and share some encouragement? Create a care package with hard work necessities. You can fill it...

Create a digital adventure for a young family

For many families, the shutdown of schools, and many daycares has created a new schedule and needs for parents and kids at home. You can help from afar! Use your favorite video chat app to read a story, or play a game! Find some puzzles, bubbles, or creative toys and...

Reach out to your neighbors

As we spend more time close to home… you can let your #LightWin in a new way with your neighbors. There are so many ways we can encourage those around us. You can write a fun message for others to see on your walk around the block or create some encouraging messages...

Call a friend or loved one living on their own

Staying at home can be fun… and at times lonely. Who in your contacts list would love a call? A grandparent or elderly neighbor? A young professional who started a new job away from home? #LetLightWin and take some time to give them a call! No matter the distance… you...

Help an elderly person by buying their groceries

Our elderly population is at the highest risk during this time. Help out an elderly person or anyone with a compromised immune system by buying their groceries, checking in on them and making sure they have what they need. You can even do this from your own home...

Post something positive and helpful this week.

Our news feeds are filled with information, updates, cancellations, and fear. We need, more than ever, to spread joy, peace, and light. Post something positive on your social media accounts this week. It could be a good deed you saw, an encouraging quote or an idea of...

Join your Church Choir

You don’t have to sing like Chris Tomlin or Yolanda Adams to be in the Church Choir. Talk to your Church Choir Director to see how you can lift your voice in songs of praise.

Shovel someone’s sidewalk

It’s that time of year! What better way to enjoy a fresh new snowfall than experiencing it from behind a snow shovel? You thought I was going to say skiing, right?! 

Do chores for someone who needs help

Have a friend or relative that needs help moving or doing a deep clean of their home? The more hands the happier the work. Go make someone happy! 

Give Up Your Parking Spot

Who wants to walk a mile when it’s chilly outside? No one! So when you score that parking spot right in front of the store – surprise & delight someone by letting them have that premium spot. The glow from a good deed will keep you warm and toasty on your mad dash...

Celebrate with Jack’s Basket

1350 babies, 47 states, 11 countries – that’s the impact of Jack’s Baby, a non-profit organization that educates physicians on how to deliver the diagnosis of Down Syndrome to new & expecting parents. Send an email to info@jacksbasket.org to find out how you can...

Help Give a Family a Home

Thrivent Financial and Habitat for Humanity created “Faith Builds” to bring local churches together to raise roofs, walls, funds and prayers to build a house in partnership with a family in your community. You don’t have to know how to drive a nail or use a leveler to...

Keep an Extra Umbrella at Your Office

Pick up several umbrellas at your local thrift store and keep them in your car and office to lend to a coworker or friend caught without one on a rainy day.

Donate 3 Unused Items

You know those 2 pair of jeans, that dress you wore only once, those shoes that pinch your pinky toe that you’re saving because you might wear them one day? Face it…you’re never wearing those clothes again, so make your fashion don’t a fashion do for someone in need....

Make dinner for a family in need

Make a huge tater tot hot dish or mac & cheese so there’s plenty of leftovers for a 2nd meal. I can see your light shining from here!

Feed My Starving Children

Want a one of a kind volunteer experience that will impact hundreds of kids? Give Feed My Starving Children just 2 hours of your time and you’ll be amazed at what will be accomplished.

Volunteer to serve food with Good in the Hood

We serve a hot meal and provide a week's worth of groceries to those facing hunger in our community. Volunteers help unload trucks and set up for the evening's distribution. Check out this link and see how easy and fulfilling it is to give the gift of a hot meal.

Pick up litter

An evening stroll is great for your health, and adding a little trash pick up on the way is great for the environment. Get the kids involved and snap a pic to share on FB – awesome way to inspire & motivate your friends!

Give a stranger a compliment

Something simple like “love your glasses” or “where did you get that awesome shirt?” is an easy mood booster. Shine on! #LetLightWin

Help restore hope to people dealing with addiction

Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge mentor program is designed to empower mature men and women from the Christian community to join together with MnTC in fostering the spiritual growth and continued sobriety of their clients. Check out the volunteer & mentor...

Donate your old clothes to the Salvation Army

Make a rule to donate everything you haven’t worn in 3 years. Your closet will be neater and your heart will be full of joy. Your light will shine a little brighter after helping those in need. #LetLightWin

Be a part of the body of Christ in action

Camp Cherith is an interdenominational Christian camp that introduces campers to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and to help them apply Christian principles to daily living. If you can give 1 week of your summer to teach, help kitchen staff, manage the tuck shop –...

Give a teen a sense of belonging

Too many teens have nothing and no one to count on in their daily lives – but at Treehouse, they experience belonging, love, acceptance & support. Check out how a few hours of your time can help a teen feel capable & worthy.

Bake cookies for a neighbor

If I were your neighbor I’d want chocolate chip cookies. OK…I’m not your neighbor and I still want chocolate chip cookies. Take a pic & hit the share button – inspire your friends!

Serve breakfast at a homeless shelter

Work with Union Gospel Mission to feed the hungry and shelter the homeless. Let your light shine by volunteering to serve breakfast once a week for a month. #LetLightWin Sign Up To Serve A Meal

Volunteer with Teens

We rely on the help of passionate community members to serve our teens and carry forward our mission. We offer both weekly and one-time opportunities for whatever fits your schedule. Use the drop-downs below to find a serving opportunity by location or opportunity...

Join your church choir

You don’t have to sing like Chris Tomlin or Yolanda Adams to lift your voice in songs of praise.

Pack Meals

Find available volunteer times with Feed My Starving Children for you, your friends, family, business, school, church and more! Help turn hunger into hope with your own two hands by packing nutritious meals for hungry children around the world.

Give Generously

Please join the Kirk Cousins Foundation in giving extravagantly by supporting the following organizations: International Justice Mission, Urban Homeworks, Compassionate Heart, Holland Christian Schools & Discovery Church. For more information, e-mail...

Build a House

Faith Builds is a partnership program between Thrivent Financial and Habitat for Humanity, bringing local churches together to raise roofs, walls, funds & prayers to build a house in partnership with a family in your community. Click on Learn More to register.

Mentor A Client

The MnTC mentor program is designed to empower mature men and women from the Christian community to join together with MnTC in fostering the spiritual growth and continued sobriety of our clients. MnTC mentors make an immensely positive impact on clients throughout...

Donate Food

Heart for Hunger is a partnership with Union Gospel Mission to help raise money and food for their Thanksgiving Food Distribution.

Call your grandma today

Make sure your grandma knows she is loved & cherished. A 5–10 minute chat about the “good times” will mean so much to her.

Coach Parents

We are in need of volunteer Parenting Coaches who have experience working with children and/or a background in coaching, teaching, care-taking or counseling. Parenting Coaches provide parenting education & model learning opportunities with parents who have children...

Give a Ticket of Hope

Print a Ticket of Hope from Union Gospel Mission to keep in your car or purse and be confident that the next time you meet a person who is homeless face-to-face you will be able to provide the best help that anyone could ever offer.

Stay Connected

Download the Let Light Win App


To better stay connected with a community of Minnesotans all trying to spread light across this great state, download our app for reminders, acts, needs, and encouragement. Do something good, download the app.