communicating God’s message in the Twin Cities.


Because college life can be busy, I like to listen to KTIS on the way home and to work every day. God uses this to play songs that I need to hear, and I can tell! For example, one day I was a bit down after an exhausting day and I had just talked to some friends about how God blesses us in usual ways. When I got in the car, “Blessings” by Laura Story came on KTIS and I felt so uplifted.


God has shown me that I never walk alone. My mother has dementia, my fiancée has been successfully battling cancer since 2013 and each day I am able to get up for another day, knowing He walks with me. I listen to KTIS at home, in the car, and throughout my work day. The songs, radio personalities, and messages of hope uplift and encourage me. Thank you!


I had a stroke 5 years ago. My whole left side only works at about 10%. Rarely does it bother me because your station keeps reminding me of my real home.


I feel that God has used the people who call in to talk on KTIS for me. Through hearing all of these stories (many of which I relate to on some level), God guides my processing through issues and trials that come up in my life.