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Since THE EARLY 1900s

serving all at-risk children and their families.

Our History

The early Christian church records show children were boarded with “worthy widows” who were paid by collections from the congregation. For years, it was the church caring for the poor, homeless and orphan children.

In the early 1900’s, social agencies began to supervise foster parents and the federal government began supporting state inspections of family foster homes. It was during this time that the church took a step away from their responsibility as it was seen to be taken care of by government.  

However, many Christians have stayed the course, seeing it the church’s responsibility to care for the orphan. Over the years, dozens of organizations and ministries have been created and work with the goal of permanency for all children. We saw the need for them to collaborate and join in one another’s efforts to return an even a greater responsibility to the Church in a more structured and official way. That is why this partnership was formed.

We are committed to making every effort to live in peace and mutual respect with each other.

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