Since 1902

helping people rebuild their lives through a variety of time-tested and proven life-changing programs.

Our History

Founded in 1902, Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities (UGMTC) is a Christian ministry dedicated to serving people facing homelessness, poverty, or addiction in our community.  By meeting physical, spiritual, emotional, and educational needs, our Mission is changing lives!

The Mission helps people rebuild their lives by providing safe shelter, nutritious foodmedical care, and a broad variety of life-changing programs for children and adults.

Our goal is to encourage each person to value themselves as God values them, to see the gifts they have to offer the world, and to help them seek out a bright future as a fully contributing member of our community.

nutritious meals provided

men housed in shelters or transitional housing

women and children found safety

men and women refreshed their education

Give a Ticket of Hope

We invite you to watch this short and informative video, print a Ticket of Hope to keep in your car or purse and be confident that the next time you meet a person who is homeless face-to-face you will be able to provide the best help that anyone could ever offer.

Stories of light


“A broken, throw-away dude”

 Have you ever tried to live life your own way, only to have it backfire on you? That’s what happened t Rich.

Then you stepped in and gave him a fresh start!

Rich’s troubles began with unhealthy choices he made as a teenager that continued for years. He worked, had stable housing, and had steady relationships. But then he started hanging around a tough crowd, and life slowly went downhill.