Tiffany’s Story

I struggled with a 15-year addiction to meth, opiates and alcohol prior to coming into Mn Adult & Teen Challenge. My physical health was in shambles and my mental health was unstable. I overdosed and was hospitalized. I had been in over 15 treatment programs. I was disconnected and homeless.

"A broken, throw-away dude"

Have you ever tried to live life your own way, only to have it backfire on you? That’s what happened to Rich. Rich’s troubles began with unhealthy choices he made as a teenager that continued for years. He worked, had stable housing, and had steady relationships. But then he started hanging around a tough crowd, and life slowly went downhill. Read Full Story >

In Uganda: A Beautiful Change

Unresponsive. Weak. Dying. One-year-old Jane was suffering. Severe kwashiorkor, a type of malnutrition that causes painful swelling, ravaged her body. Five months later, Jane is sitting up on her own, smiling and crawling! Her muscles are still weak, but she is on the mend! Read Full Story >

KTIS Saved Our Family

Our family has struggled significantly in the past year. I started listening to KTIS more and more. It’s pretty much the only radio station my girls listen to in the car now. We love the uplifting , beautiful and encouraging music and messages we hear. I can’t thank KTIS enough for being a huge part in our saving our marriage and helping us grow closer to God as a family. Read More Stories >

Every Good and Perfect Gift

My name is Emilie and this is my New Life Story.
I was just a freshman in college, I was a high achiever with a plan for my life, which did not include getting pregnant. When I found out, I was in total shock. I told my parents and they were as shocked as I was. They were a little bit disappointed, but very supportive. They told me about a place called New Life Family Services where I could go and discuss my options. Read Full Story >

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