restoring hope to people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

I struggled with a 15-year addiction to meth, opiates and alcohol prior to coming into Mn Adult & Teen Challenge. My physical health was in shambles and my mental health was unstable. I overdosed and was hospitalized. I had been in over 15 treatment programs. I was disconnected and homeless. 

I lost my career as a drug and alcohol counselor. I destroyed my relationships with my family members to the point where no one had contact with me. My father was beginning to plan my funeral. I tried everything and felt like death was the only option. I was truly hopeless. 

Aside from surrendering my life to Christ, deciding to come to MnTC was the best choice I ever made. Since I walked in the doors every area of my life that was destroyed by addiction has been, and is being, restored. After graduating MnTC I regained my license as a counselor and have begun working on my ministry license with the Assemblies of God Church. 

My friendships are healthy. My family is reconciled. In fact, nine family members have come to know Jesus since my time here!

The cycle of addiction truly ends with me. I am stable, happy and hopeful.

I spent more than a year in our Minneapolis women’s program. The biggest aspect of my recovery, growth and transformation has been my walk with Christ. As I think about the upcoming women’s expansion, I am so excited for the lives that will be changed. Having a safe environment without distractions that fosters spiritual exploration, healing and growth is something I know makes a major impact
in recovery. 

This expansion will improve the quality of each and every woman’s experience here at MnTC as they fight for their
lives and the lives and futures
of their families.